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Shear Magic Grooming Glove

Shear Magic Grooming Glove

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All Dogs and All Coats 

Made from anti-slip rubber, the glove turns grooming into quality bonding time. 

The Magic grooming glove helps clean and soften their coats. It also lifts hair from furniture, fabrics and carpets.

Grooming tool:

  • Rubber tips gently remove loose hair while massaging your dog.
  • Turn the glove over and polish for a shiny finished coat.
  • Makes quick work of hard to groom areas like legs, tail and underside of your dog.
  • Pawesome way to bond with your furry companion


Grooming is an important part of pet care as it helps to maintain good hygiene and keeps your pet clean and healthy. Grooming tools help you clean your pet easily and properly, also giving you an opportunity to examine your pet’s body for signs of illness or parasites.