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Dental Awareness

August is Dental awareness month for dogs & cats. So we know it must be important.

Dogs & cats at an early stage of their adult life can suffer from periodontal disease, this disease can cause many health issues for your pet. The dilemma that pet owners have is that they may not always notice that their pet has a problem. Pets cannot tell you that they have pain.

Visit Your Vet

Prevention is better than cure, Plaque can build up after eating with in no time at all. Teeth with plaque that have are not maintained will form tartar. There can be several signs your pet may need a checkup, bad breath, redness of gums, dribbling, pawing at the mouth and more. Visit your local veterinarian on a regular basis. As a regular part of my dogs regime who is only 3 years old gets to see the Vet at least once a year. Vets will be able to diagnose problems such as periodontal disease.

Help Prevent Problems

So let`s hope that our pets teeth never get diagnosed with it. Well a good thing is that periodontal disease can be preventable. Removing plaque & tartar build on your pets teeth and gums is essential. The most obvious is to brush your pets teeth every day, easy said than done in some cases. Other ways to help maintain your pets teeth are foods which are designed to remove plaque as they eat. Chewing treats can also help give the teeth a good cleaning and even water additives are affect ways.